North Country Trail

The North Country National Scenic Trail is a 4,800-mile long trail that stretches across eight states- from Vermont to North Dakota, and is the longest in the U.S. National Trails System. We are lucky to be home to more than 500 miles across the Upper Peninsula and 110 miles running directly through Marquette County, providing ample opportunities for adventure. 

A woman walking on the North Country Trail near the Tourist Park Trailhead in Marquette, MI

Whether you’re going for an evening stroll or an intensive backpacking excursion, the North Country Trail has sections to do it all. A portion of the trail that runs through Marquette County is directly along the Lake Superior shoreline. It overlaps several miles with the Marquette City Multi-Use PathIron Ore Heritage Trail.

a wooden walkway on the North Country Trail near the Lake Superior shoreline in Marquette, MI

The North Country Trail offers countless beautiful views for those looking to go a little further into the forest and enjoy the tranquility of nature. Hike past rushing waterfalls, hemlock forests, and scenic vistas through remote U.P. wilderness.

A waterfall near Little Garlic Falls in Marquette, MI

Explore down a spur trail and discover notable points of interest such as Hogback Mountain, Little Garlic Falls, or Laughing Whitefish Falls. The North Country Trail weaves through and connects many different recreation areas and trail systems across Marquette County. 

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Notable Local Trailheads

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