Boating in Marquette

Boating in Marquette County, MI, offers visitors a chance to explore the beautiful waters of Lake Superior and nearby inland lakes, providing a refreshing and memorable experience. With well-maintained marinas and boat launches, access is easy and convenient. Enjoy kayaking, sailing, or fishing against the backdrop of stunning cliffs, forests, and historic lighthouses.

An aerial view of sail boats and the Ore Dock in Lower Harbor on Lake Superior in Marquette, MI

Discover the best places to launch your boat and kayak

Explore the waters of Marquette County by boat or kayak for a bold and captivating summer adventure. From the serene and scenic inland lakes to the historic Hiawatha Water Trail, which follows a shoreline path once paddled by Native Americans and early European explorers, offering some of the most picturesque paddling in the Midwest.

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Respect Marquette County

Follow these Leave No Trace principles when visiting to keep our forests, lakes, and natural spaces as special as when you found them.

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